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John Hurford HonSWAc SGFA is a North Devon Farmer who became a full time painter in 2001. He is a honorary member of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. His work has been reproduced in many magazines and books since the 1960s and his early work is in the collection of the V&A museum. He has been shown in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, The Whitney in New York and The Tate Gallery in Liverpool.

From an early age he was fascinated by all the wildlife and flora he saw around the farm. He collected bones, skulls, dead animals, seed pods, owl and buzzard pellets to find out what was inside. He sketched all that he saw. He left school at sixteen to work on the farm continuing to draw and paint at home in the evenings. He submitted work to magazines in London and was published by them eventually writing and illustrating books. He still has a great interest in his surroundings and uses the plants, the animals, insects and birds he finds on the farm.

He has had many books published since the 1970s (listed under books on this website), has had many exhibitions locally and in New Zealand, France and London. He still designs posters and record covers but mostly is concerned with painting. He works in acrylic on canvas, paper or wood panel.

In June and July 2019 he went to Peninsular Malaysia with Dr Ivan Tacey from the University of Exeter to live with the Batek (an indigenous tribe) and is now producing work resulting from this experience.


From June 2015

June 2015

Flyer for "Powder" at the Betsey Trotwood, London

July 2015

Exeter Art Show, Maynard School

August 2015

Academicians exhibition at RAMM Museum, Exeter

September 2015

Labels for vinyl double 10","Banana recalls the Youngbloods"

October 2015

Flyer for "Get Together" Lowell Levinger, Battersea, London 

November 2015

Publication of book "Later Graphic Work" John Hurford

December 2015

Artists and Illustrator "Artist of the Year", Mall Galleries, London

January 2016

SWAc at the Thelma Hulbert in Honiton, Devon

February 2016

Website design for "Paul Sand"

February 2016

Flyer for "South West by Shagrat"

April 2016

SWAc exhibition at Sherborne Abbey, Dorset

July 2016

Publication of "Rural Bliss", photographs from the eighties

July 2016

Book launch of Rural Bliss at the Julia Margaret Cameron Photography Museum, Dimbola, I.O.W

July 2016

Cover for "BananaFish" vinyl 7" 45

July 2016

Flyer for Shagrat Records I.O.W festival

July 2016, 2017

Calendar, Flame Tree publishing USA

September 2016

Art trek exhibition at Wixon Cottage

September 2016

Cover for Glenn Phillips "At the Rainbow" 12" vinyl album

September 2016

SWAc exhibition, Exeter Castle

October 2016

Cover for Bridget St John vinyl 7" 45

October 2016

"Devon Boys"exhibition at the Brownston, Modbury

October 2016

Web design for Gryphon

November 2016

Feature in book "Art of Big O", Big Vision Publishing, Austin, Texas

November 2016

SWAc charity postcard auction

January 2017

Painted otter statue for a charity event for Dartmoor National Park

January 2017

Flyer for Bridget St John at the Betsey Trotwood, London

February 2017

"Art of the Revolution" exhibition at the V&A museum, London

February 2017

"Art of the Unusual" at the Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset

April 2017

SWAc exhibition at Delamore, Ivybridge, Devon

April 2017

SGFA exhibition at RK Burt Gallery, Southwark, London

June 2017

Six page feature in Manor magazine

June 2017

Cover for Peter Lewis 12" vinyl

July 2017

Early work at Pink Floyd exhibition (Their Mortal Remains) at the Victoria and Albert Museum London

July 2017

Solo exhibition of paintings at Brownston Gallery, Modbury

August 2017

Cover for Honey Pot - Ascending Scales - double 12" vinyl (then CD)

September 2017 

Flyer for "Red Propellers" at the Betsey Trotwood

October 2017

Cover for The Green Ray - Half Sentences - 12"vinyl (after CD cover)

November 2017

Cover for Lords of Thyme - The Future of Things Past - 12" vinyl

December 2017

Flyer for Lords of Thyme at Betsey Trotwood, Lonmdon

February 2018

Paintings in Resurgence  magazine

April 2018

Exeter Art Show, at the Maynard School, Exeter

April 2018

SWAc exhibition at Delamore, Ivybridge, Devon

April 2018

CD design for Lee Riders on High on the Pygtrack records

April 2018

SGFA exhibition at the RK Burt Gallery in Southwark, London

May 2018

Exhibition, "Tales from the Edge" in 54 The Gallery, Shepherds Market, London

June 2018

Flyer for "Pygtrack" records, Cornwall

June 2018

Exhibition of paintings and books at See Spray Gallery, Hastings

August 2018

CD cover and design for ReInvention by Gryphon, followed by design for the double vinyl release

August 2018

Cover design for Justin Spivey, tape and CD release

September 2018

Wraparound cover of "Nature Shimmer" by Ed Wynne, Vinyl and CD release

October 2018

Solo exhibition in the Brownston Gallery, Modbury, South Devon

October 2018

Exhibition as a member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art in the Menier Gallery, London SE1 1RU and my drawing on the cover of the catalogue

October 2018

Cover and inside artwork for "Three Seasons", triple vinyl record on Fruits De Mer records in UK and US

October 2018

Cover of "Moof Magazine"

October 2018

16 page feature in "It must be Art" by Michael Fishel published in the US by  Schiffer

November 2018

Solo exhibition "SuperNature" at the See Spray Gallery Hastings

January 2019

Cover for Ed Wynne "Shimmer into nature" CD,

February 2019

Cover for "Rattlesnakes and Heartstrings" 10" vinyl album for Jeff Horsey

March 2019

Cover for "Big Front Yard" vinyl album on Shagrat records

March 2019

One Hundred Years of Graphic Fine Art - a few paintings

March 2019

"Psychedelia and Beyond" solo exhibition at Pop, Barnstaple. Paintings, posters artwork, lightshow, installations

April 2019

Re-issue of Ghosts of Dance 12" vinyl with my artwork

June 2020

Cover design for  Guranfoe, CD and vinyl album

June 2020

Resurgence magazine (paintings)

October 2020

Martin Stone CD boxed set

January 2021

Design for Gryphon "Get Out of My Fathers Car", vinyl and CD

July 2021

SGFA Centenary Show at the Mall Gallery in London

August 2021

"Art of the Unusual" exhibition with other artists at Bridport Arts Centre

March 2022

"SWAc Spring Exhibition" at the Brownston Gallery in Modbury, South Devon

April 2022

Paintings at Delamore Arts, Cornwood, South Devon

June 2022

Cover for David Elara single

September 2023

"Rustic Hinge and the Provincial Swimmers" double vinyl album cover, subscriber disc and inserts

November 2023

SWAc exhibition at Kennaway House, Sidmouth, East Devon

November 2023

Open Studio at my studio, North Devon

March 2023

"Rain Parade" poster

March 2023

Exhibition of prints at Adams Gallery, Reigate 

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